Customized Cloth

High quality customized content and style on any part of the cloth.


* Color of pants will be the available blue jeans.

** Sizes of pants are as follow: Small: 28 , Medium 32, Large: 36 (European Sizes)

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High quality customized content and style, you may choose to add at any part of the cloth. Price is based on number of letters, number of colors applied and text style.


Note: price might be adjusted after making the purchase and after communicating by email and this would include the calculation of the shipping since this is based on the size dimensions and weight in-addition to the destination. You will have one week to finalize your design selection, if not then the default selection would be chosen and processed. If during the first week (after you make your initial payment) you decided to cancel your order for any reason we will be happy to refund your money after deducting 5% as financial and customer fees (designs offered and direct communication with the architects through email).

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

T -Shirt, Long Sleeves Shirt, Pants

Color *

White, Gray, Black, Blue

Size **

Small, Medium, Large